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So, Apparently I haven't updated the journal for a year and a half. I probably haven't updated anything else for about the same amount of time.

And probably won't anytime soon. If you want to check out my Tumblr, it's where most of my pictures end up these days.

also, holy shit! 12k pageviews!? when did that happen?!
so. wow, havent been here in a super long time.. i have school holidays coming up, maybe ill post a bunch of my photos of late on here... i kinda miss whoring out my photos in exchange for comments :D
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i just don't really care any more. :/

I have photos, a lot actually, Japan trip, a new fisheye lens, a couple flights over mountain ranges.

but i am too lazy to upload~

oh. and no Emily Carr Uni for me next year.
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i have a lot to upload. but i'm too damn lazy...
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New porfolio. yay.

Plus I just applied to Emily Carr. Hopefully I can get in. (: [i'm just like 98% sure i am though...]

And I don't really miss my sub. ;c
there is no art from me.

wait till march.

i have pictures, i have a drawing or two and i'm making an entire scrapbook. expect new stuff.
Go to Walmart 3167's Photo lab and I shall be seeing your photos :D

Yayy, I am so happy to be finally back there. I get to play with film all day, so fun.
is just about over.
I have sooooooo much planned out. a canvas collage, sketches and if I get my hands on any magazines, a bunch of collages.

Just gotta make it through the next two weeks.

Annnnnd a snippet from my personal life -- I am beyond happy right now <3 Unless something horrific happens, these upcoming things will be happy! unless...the news or something pisses me off, which it will.
i currently have no computer, but i got my film back. I have no idea what Walmart did to them, but they look like crap, there's dust and scratches everywhere. :|

So, I'll upload them once I get a computer. Grr~!
my favorite little medium.

Shot up two rolls, so when ever Walmart can get them back to me, I'll have new stuff.
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For the next 12 days, but expect a boat load of pictures on the 13th day.

Stay safe all of you <3
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With all sorts of stuff going on, I completely forgot my DA birthday. D:
So, happy two years to me...and a little bit.

In seance of art&uploads, I'm done Art 11. I have some sketches I should probably upload, same with some photos, but I'm too lazy and I just lost everything in a computer crash, so I'm slowly transferring all my data and such from my numerous flashdrives. [4gbs of music and 17 of photos. gahh]

Right now, I'm currently waiting for the sun to go a little more [3:30 and already waiting for the sun to go down? wth.]

I'm also working a lot. It impedes into my 'me&camera' time, but allows me to buy new toys for it. Currently I'm looking at a new battery and nice bag. So, it'll all work out.

Europe is so close it's amazing. 36 daysss. Expect when I come back, to have at least a dozen uploads to here - Brittney be ready for a ton of albums on Facebook XD
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Sat Oct 11, 2008, 5:46 PM
1 more year!

School has like...taken all my time, work and such too. So I've been doodling a lot, but nothing worth scanning and putting here.

And don't think I hate uploading stuff to DA, I have two classes now at school that I need to take pictures for and I'm not doing them, so...I guess I've hit a dry spell D:

But not really, I just....lack the time to get out and take something. I have ideas, trust me.

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Sat Sep 6, 2008, 8:03 PM
Back to school, and guess what that means?
Yeah, no updates.

Also, I have a Last.FM account and I have no friends. add me please

And the concert was amazing, but alas, the only pictures I have are from my cell phone, so they won't be going on here.

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Mon Aug 25, 2008, 11:15 PM

I'm going to Vancouver all day Wednesday. So, with camera in tow, finally some new pictures.

I don't want to promise 'a flood' like with the fair because the fair sucked, so hopefully Wednesday won't suck either.

Ahh, Skytrain favorite thing on the planet to ride in. Also, if I can remember correctly, will make for some interesting pictures. Then after the Skytrain, a walk around the city and the Seabus. Don't you love the names of our transit systems?

I'd also say I'd post pictures from Simple Plan's concert, but I'm not sure my little Optio E10 would be able to turn out anything worthy.

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Devious Journal Entry

Sat Aug 2, 2008, 3:26 PM
Drawing up a storm..Been working too hard to get out and take some photos, I'd love to go downtown one day...

So you'll see drawings because I can do them whenever basically. More ducks whether you like it or not. I'm trying to draw a proper portrait before school starts up again too. I'm starting tonight.. Let's hope it goes well!

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Fri Jul 11, 2008, 11:24 PM
i hope this whole art thing stays with me for art classes next year. cuz if it stops before school even starts, i'll be mad :p

i'm working on yet more drawings/doodles...i'd make some more collages, but i have no more magazines..

and and and white noise, the new the living end cd is coming out in like a week, i can't wait.

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Thu Jul 10, 2008, 1:54 AM
i'm surprisingly art-y lately. it kinda bugs me that i don't have the..skills to do what's in my head. i have a new sketch book, so it's being christened with a shitload of new doodles..i have a really nice one of a girl [or a guy with moobs]and i am in a collage-y mood, so i have couple i'm working on... one is making me blind.. it hurts cutting and pasting those little letters from the newspaper T_T

[and sorry for spelling/grammar in's like 2am.]

annnd, i'll stop updating my journal everyday..

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I got the idea from Popular Photography, June 08 issue.

All credit is due to Olga Vasilkova


edit; and thank you for all the comments & faves on them. don't think i'm being snotty by not thanking you individually, but i don't think my internet connection could take it.

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